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Why use an Alain Pinel Realtors sales professional to buy your next home?

At APR, our relationships open the door for our clients to be at home anywhere. Our clients can count on us to assist them with insightful market knowledge, and trustworthy financial partners so that they can make good real estate decisions. APR sales professionals are local area experts who uphold our high standards. We consistently attract the best – our agents rank at the top of the industry in experience and negotiating strength.


Alain Pinel Realtors began in 1990 with a pioneering vision: that the principles shaping success in other industries – innovation, global networking, technology-driven productivity, and attention to the marketplace – would succeed in real estate, as well.

When we launched our business, we also launched a revolution.

APR was the first real estate firm to embrace the idea that improvement comes by taking risks, innovating, adapting to change, and continually questioning assumptions. We invested in our brand, recognizing the power of high-quality marketing materials to attract notice, communicate values, articulate our brand promise, and create memorable impressions among agents, clients and the industry. We were the first to recognize and leverage the advantages delivered by cutting-edge information tools. And we were the first to embrace a code of best practices that set a foundation for consistent excellence over time.

Today, APR is still based on the principles of honesty, integrity and professionalism. We are known for our ability to innovate in a changing marketplace without compromising who we are. Celebrating over 20 years of excellence in Bay Area real estate, our market tenure gives our clients a marked advantage when buying or selling a property.

  • We are the largest privately-owned and independent residential real estate company in California.

  • APR was ranked the fifth largest residential real estate firm in the United States based on our closed sales volume in 2012, and we have been consistently ranked in the Top 10 firms in the country.

  • We have nearly 1,400 agents in 32 well appointed offices throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

We distinguish ourselves by doing everything to a higher standard, because at Alain Pinel Realtors we are different — and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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